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About Atlantic Afro-Latin Dance Connection

The Atlantic Afro-Latin Dance Connection Limited (AALDC Limited), 4473338 Nova Scotia Limited is an incorporated not-for-profit organization founded in 2023 to help develop, produce, supports, promote, and present Afro-Latin culture in Atlantic Canada with its focus in Halifax, Nova Scotia through rhythm and taste. The AALDC Limited aims to bring quality and relevant heritage-based education and experiences by collaborating with local and international organizations, musicians and Dance educators to host Afro-Latin dance events and festivals that will elevate public appreciation, understanding and participation thus enriching the city's multicultural traditions and inclusivity. 


To become Atlantic Canada’s ambassador for Afro-Latino dance, music, arts and cuisine in partnership with Haliente’s Creative Studio and any organization whose vision aligns with us.  



Accountability – doing what we say we will do 

Collaboration – at all levels of the organization and events, between staff, volunteers, community, board and event attendees.

Inclusivity – drawing from and working with diverse dance styles and communities to meet our objective. 

Integrity – a commitment to the accurate, fair and responsible stewardship of AALDC Limited.

Passion – through our mission and vision and professional commitment to our goals and objectives.


The Company’s purpose will be fulfilled in 3 ways:

1. Partnership with local businesses, the City of Halifax and the Federal Government to develop, produce, supports, promote, and presents Free and Paid Afro-Latin Dance festivals, and social gathering.


2. Offering workshops and masterclasses in the frame of our activities and in partnership with Haliente's Dance Studio.


3. Providing Free dance space for community practices.

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Our Mission

Is to share and celebrate Afro-Latin culture with all Nova Scotians, through the creative expression of dance, as a way to strengthen and empower individuals and businesses as they seek to promote inclusivity and cultural diversity within our communities. 

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